Human trafficking

Election results

Votes Pct.
Yes 7,417,715 81.2%
No 1,722,272 18.8%

If it passes

Proposition 35 would expand the definition of human trafficking to include, among other things, distribution of obscene materials that depict minors, whether or not the distributor knew or had any contact with the minor depicted.

It would impose new obligations on law enforcement to identify victims of human trafficking and new training requirements on law enforcement agencies. It would increase penalties for some trafficking offenses to life in prison and would raise criminal fines, which would fund law enforcement and victim services. It would require people convicted of trafficking to register as sex offenders and to provide information about their online activity.

— Los Angeles Times

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Tracking the money

A total of 552 individual contributions have been made to four committees supporting Proposition 35, raising $3,706,550. All of the money raised has been to support the proposition. The list below shows the top individual contributions supporting and opposting the measure. Follow the links for additional detail.

Support contributions by state
State Amount %
California $3,551,509 95.8%
Out of state $155,041 4.2%
Single contributions by size
Largest single contributions in support
# Name Date Amount
1 Chris M. Kelly March 22, 2012 $400,000
2 Chris M. Kelly Feb. 14, 2012 $250,000
3 Chris M. Kelly Jan. 11, 2012 $250,000
4 Chris M. Kelly Oct. 22, 2012 $200,000
5 Chris M. Kelly Feb. 3, 2012 $150,000
6 Chris M. Kelly Feb. 28, 2012 $140,000
7 California Statewide Law Enforcement Association June 22, 2012 $105,000
8 Chris M. Kelly Nov. 21, 2012 $100,000
9 Chris M. Kelly Oct. 4, 2012 $100,000
10 Chris M. Kelly Sept. 28, 2012 $100,000

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* The totals for contributions to Proposition 35 include those from two committees working to support or oppose multiple propositions. The $852,984 raised is included in the totals for each proposition. This could skew the totals reported here.

* Committees campaigning for or against a proposition can contribute money to other committees working to support or oppose any of the propositions on the November ballot. To date, this committee-to-committee giving accounts for about $20.4 million. Also, totals for propositions do not include unitemized contributions under $100.

Credits: Lorena Iniguez Elebee, Stephanie Ferrell, Robert Greene, Alexandra LeTellier, Maloy Moore, Anthony Pesce, Ben Welsh.

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