Senate redistricting referendum

Election results

Votes Pct.
Yes 6,163,371 71.5%
No 2,454,971 28.5%

If it passes

Proposition 40 is a referendum that allows voters to approve or reject the state Senate district maps produced last year by an independent citizens redistricting commission. A "Yes" vote would keep the Senate district lines in place. A "no" vote would rescind the maps and current district lines and require a court to draw new lines.

This measure poses some confusion for two reasons: First, as with all referendums, the people who put it on the ballot are asking voters to vote "no." (Proponents of other initiatives generally want voters to vote "yes.") Second, now proponents of Proposition 40 are not even asking voters to vote on their measure at all. They have given up their campaign.

— Los Angeles Times

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Tracking the money

Tracking the contributions associated with Proposition 40 is as confusing as the measure itself. A substantial portion of the money listed as supporting the measure was raised by a committee, "Fairness & Accountability in Redistricting Ballot Measure," that initially backed placing the proposition on the ballot with the intent of urging voters to vote "no." Now, however, that committee has abandoned its campaign and officially takes no position.

The commmittee "Yes On 40 — Hold Politicians Accountable," backed by Charles T. Munger Jr., advocates a "yes" vote on Proposition 40.

A total of 98 individual contributions have been made to the two committees. The list below shows the top individual contributions to each. Follow the links for additional detail.

Contributions by state
State Amount %
California $2,911,155 99.3%
Out of state $20,000 0.7%
Contributions to committee: Yes On 40 - Hold Politicians Accountable
# Name Date Amount
1 Charles T. Munger, Jr. July 27, 2012 $255,470
2 Charles T. Munger, Jr. Oct. 8, 2012 $135,338
3 Charles T. Munger, Jr. April 20, 2012 $118,294
4 Charles T. Munger, Jr. Jan. 19, 2011 $90,000
5 Small Business Action Committee Pac, No On 30/Yes On 32 Oct. 16, 2012 $63,768
6 Small Business Action Committee Pac, No On 30/Yes On 32 Oct. 12, 2012 $9,956
7 Small Business Action Committee Pac, No On 30/Yes On 32 Oct. 23, 2012 $9,940
8 League of Women Voters of California Sept. 30, 2012 $250
9 Santa Barbara County Democratic Central Committee Sept. 29, 2012 $157
10 League of Women Voters of California Aug. 31, 2012 $137
Contributions to committee: Fairness & Accountability In Redistricting Ballot Measure
# Name Date Amount
1 California Republican Party Oct. 13, 2011 $400,000
2 California Republican Party Oct. 24, 2011 $300,000
3 California Republican Party Nov. 3, 2011 $262,937
4 California Republican Party Nov. 3, 2011 $100,000
5 California Republican Party Aug. 29, 2011 $100,000
6 California Republican Party Oct. 21, 2011 $81,000
7 California Republican Party Oct. 25, 2011 $65,000
8 California Republican Party Nov. 10, 2011 $60,000
9 California Republican Party Nov. 7, 2011 $50,000
10 California Republican Party Sept. 2, 2011 $50,000

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* Committees campaigning for or against a proposition can contribute money to other committees working to support or oppose any of the propositions on the November ballot. To date, this committee-to-committee giving accounts for about $20.4 million. Also, totals for propositions do not include unitemized contributions under $100.

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